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Finally, after a long, hard winter, spring is here and with it comes the opportunity to get outside and enjoy the season -- and we're not talking about shoveling snow.

Feeling adventurous? This edition features a story on Riverside Canoe Outfitters in Daleville and its owner Jerry Shelton, and the president of his company, Pepper, the dog.

Getting the itch to get your hands dirty and to finally see something green? Read about master gardener RaeLou Rumple, whose Fairmount greenhouse is full of plants, seedlings and miniature gardens complete with fairies.

Madison also looks at the upcoming Anderson Brewfest which will feature craft beers, food, music and art. According to the organizers they are looking to provide a "cultural experience" with this first time fest.

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Thanks for reading Madison magazine.
Janis Bowling, Editor

about this issue
Life in Madison County is rich with transitions and new possibilities. Madison magazine celebrates those qualities by highlighting the people, places and events that shape our lives. In each issue, writers sample a local restaurant, visit an attractively-decorated home, check out current trends and chat with a celebrity who has local roots, among other feature articles.

Madison is published quarterly. The staff hopes that Madison compliments the traditions and transitions of Madison County while opening new possibilities for those with active lifestyles.

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